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If you're looking for an office chair with comfort and support in mind, then this is one you should consider. Item delivered on time as stated when purchased. Assembly instructions were quite clear, just make sure all parts are accounted for when opening box. Pay attention to the supplied screw sizing during assembly per the instructions. The cover material for the chair, and arm rests. Are soft, stitched well, and heat resistant. I get compliments from everyone who sits in it. It is the nicest desk chair I could find for the money. I definitely recommend it.

Mediocre at best

Chair design is great, the looks are great. However the quality is less than impressive for the money. I’m not happy with my purchase, the arm rests are cheap, clanky, and have play in them. The wheels are cheap and don’t move super well, the stitching on the chair is frayed and not clean and sharp, the seat cushion on the chair has soft padding that smashes down and will eventually be like sitting in a piece of plywood, and the pillows on the chair don’t make sense or work when you have them both in. It’s not comfortable at all. Overall rating is a 3/10. I sold a secret lab omega, and bought this, and the same day this chair came and assembled I knew It was a wrong choice. I ordered Another omega.

Really comfortable easy to build

Really happy with the chair, very comfortable and easy to build. Makes working from home a pleasure 👍

Can't complain!

Was very simple to put together once it arrived and is as comfortable as I'd hoped. I'm a smaller female (5ft) and while I thought it would be too tall for me, I still sit very comfortably in it! The added cushions are a very appreciated addition and I tend to have the lumbar one attached as I sit at my desk for hours at a time, and I definitely think it's helped keep back aches at bay and the like. Fabric is a pleasant material which I opted for as I don't tend to like leather or imitation leather chairs.

Really cannot complain. There was a slight delay on my order but it was entirely understandable as the matter was out of Boulies hands and I don't hold it against them as they continually gave me updates to let me know what was happening.

To tie this all together, I can absolutely recommend this chair! If you're looking for something that doesn't break the bank like SecretLabs, spend a lot of your time at a desk, or just want a comfortable chair for your office, I can wholeheartedly say this chair won't let you down!


I have been using the same terrible chair for years now and finally decided to upgrade along with the rest of my office redesign.

I researched the regulars like the Secret Lab, etc, but came upon Boulies while on the prowl. I LOVED the minimal design and once I saw how well reviewed these were decided to give themca shot. SO glad I did!

This chair is AMAZING. As a full time filmmaker and content creator, I have no idea how I've gone this long without a chair like this. IMMEDIATELY noticeable difference.

ONLY thing I wasn't a fan of, is these have (or at least mine did) a rather strong smell to them out of the box. I wound up leaving it on the porch overnight to air out for a day and it was fine after, but I feel it's worth pointing out.

All around amazing, comfortable, extremely well built and gorgeous. So happy with my purchase!